• Raise your pet to become Tamagomon's Champion

    Tamagomon beckons you and your pet to join the battle against the evil beings.

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  • Join the adventure in Tamagomon

    Egg-citing Adventures! Furr-ocious Battles!

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About the Game

This game is all about taking care of your digital pets and training them to fight evil monsters lurking in the land  of Tamagomon.  Feed, clean, and play with your little critters and watch them evolve to new heights of awesomeness!  Engage them in dungeon battles everyday to make your pets battle hardened warriors ready to face any adversity.

With its stunning art and graphics and amusing gameplay, the game is a pleasant hybrid of the classic games Pokemon and Tamagotchi.

To give you an overview, here are some of the game's features:

  • Raise cute and exotic monsters as lovable pets
  • Acquire a chock-ful of items specifically designed for your monster
  • Loads of exciting quests to complete
  • Visit the diverse islands of the Tamagomon world
  • Enter different types of dungeons to experience different levels of challenges
  • Collect and train more monsters as your adventure unfolds
  • Upgrade your pet’s battle stats and special skills, suit them up with elemental battle accessories, and so much more…

In the near future, you will be able to:

  • Summon friends to help you win battles

Now available on the App Store and Google Play!



It's a normal humdrum day.  All that play and school activity makes you tired and weary.  You then hear that familiar bell sound. Alas! It's time to go home.  Time for rest.  And of course, time for video games!

You feel restless this evening.  And for some reason, you can't seem to put your finger on it.  You shrug off the “uncanny” feeling and go on with your usual routine.  It's a cold and rainy night.  You are playing your favorite video game and imagining your favorite digital monsters.  It's windy and eerie and you're starting to feel sleepy but what you don't realize is... that tonight... is a start of a wonderful adventure!  Never in your wildest dreams have you ever thought that you can actually be with your digital monsters and a fateful occurrence such as a bolt of lightning will make that a reality.

So here you are. You are now zapped into a world of pure wonder where cute monsters roam freely and live happily across the land.  This is where cute meets ferocious.  Where every day is an adventure!  Everything used to be fine and dandy but lately, death and diseases seem to be a commonplace.

Word is spreading that an evil force of unknown origin is the culprit of these horrific events. The long era of peace and harmony is under threat.  The land is under attack and it’s time to fight back! Everything happens for a reason and this might be your purpose of being here.  You must now battle side by side with your newfound friends!

Raise and train these cute monsters and harness their incredible powers!  Along the way, you will discover more monsters to train.  Collect them all and reinforce your army against these dark forces.  Goodness should prevail! You should prevail!  Lead the way.  Fight for Tamagomon.



Tamagomon Manual

This game is all about taking care of your digital pet from birth until such a time that it is ready for battle. Below is a game guide to help you master the game mechanics and all the game's features.

Highlight the egg of your choice by tapping on it. Write your pet's name on the space provided. Tap on  btn_summon_up.
Note: If it's your first time to play the game, you must first choose a pet before the actual game begins.
Tap the egg repeatedly to hatch it. If a day has passed and the egg is not hatched, it will hatch automatically.

Your main focus in the Tamagomon world is to constantly improve your pet's statuses and prepare it for battle on the game's next update. There are 5 pet statuses namely: Hunger, Fun, Hygiene, Health, and Stamina. You can see your pet statistics by tapping the  btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen.

Tip: If you want to be good at this game, check your pet's statistics regularly.

A. Feeding Your Pet / Improving Hunger Status

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_feed_down-hd. A mini inventory will then appear showing a selection of food items. From here, you can: 1) tap on your chosen food item (the item will appear in the middle of the game screen) then drag it to your pet. Or, 2) directly drag the food to your pet. You can feed your pet anytime and as many times as you want until the Hunger status is full (10/10). Feeding your pet increases the Hunger stat. It decreases Hygiene and Stamina statuses, however.

Remember: If a pet is starving (Hunger is 0/10) for a long time, the Health status will also decrease!

B. Playing With Your Pet / Improving Fun Status

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_play_down-hd . A mini inventory will then appear showing a selection of toy items. From here, you can: 1) tap on your chosen toy item (the item will appear in the middle of the game screen) then drag it to your pet. Or, 2) directly drag the toy to your pet.You will then be redirected to the mini-game that corresponds to the toy item you selected. You can play with your pet anytime and as many times as you want until the Fun status is full (10/10). However, it decreases Hygiene status.  This also action decreases your pet’s Stamina status.

How to play the Memory Game: (Cards)

    1. Try to remember the position of all the cards shown in the screen.
    2. When the cards are flipped down, tap on two cards at a time to flip them over.
    3. If you match both cards successfully, they will remain faced up.
    4. If the cards don’t match, those cards are turned face down once again.
    5. You win the game if you match all the cards within the 45 second time limit.

How to play Catch-The-Thief Game: (Stones)

    1. Connect adjacent similar colored stones.
    2. For every 3 stones successfully linked, damage is dealt to the escaping thief.
    3. The longer the link, the higher the damage dealt.
    4. Keep linking stones until the thief’s life bar runs out.

You win the game when you stop the thief within the allotted time limit.

C. Cleaning Your Pet / Improving Hygiene Status           

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_cleanup_down-hd .A mini inventory will then appear showing a selection of toiletries. From here, you can: 1) tap on your chosen toiletry item (the item will appear in the middle of the game screen) then drag it to your pet. Or, 2) directly drag the toiletry to your pet. You can clean up your pet anytime and as many times as you want until the Hygiene status is full (10/10). Cleaning your pet, however, decreases Stamina status.

D. How to Cure Your Pet / Improving Health Status

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_cure_down-hd.A mini inventory will then appear showing a selection of medicines. From here, you can: 1) tap on your chosen medicinal item (the item will appear in the middle of the game screen) then drag it to your pet. Or, 2) directly drag the medicine to your pet. You can improve your pet's health anytime and as many times as you want until the Health status is full (100/100). Curing your pet, however, decreases the Stamina status.

Remember: If your pet's Health Status reaches 0/100, your pet dies.

E. Putting Your Pet to Sleep / Improving Stamina Status

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_sleep_down-hd. This will toggle the game screen lights to dim. The Stamina status of your pet will increase by 1 for every 5 minutes of sleep.  Keep in mind that your pet’s Hunger, Fun and Hygiene statuses slightly decrease during your pet’s sleep time so don’t let your pet sleep for too long.

Remember: If Stamina reaches 0/50, you can neither feed, clean, cure nor play with your pet anymore. Gain Stamina first by putting your pet to sleep in order for your pet to perform actions.

Tip: Be sure to have a relatively high Hunger status before putting your pet to sleep to avoid starvation.

F. Waking Up Your Pet

Tap on the btn_stat icon at the bottom left area of the game screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_wakeup_down-hd. This will toggle the game screen to light up to wake up your pet. Your pet will assume the idle position and normal gameplay resumes.

G. Interacting With Your Pet

Tickle tickle! :  When your pet is up and about, give it a little tickle. “Rub” on the screen where your pet is at.  You’ll be glad you did.

Come Hither! :  You can order your pet to move around by tapping on a particular location on the game screen.

The earth is moving! :  Shake your device once in a while and see what happens.

Note: Interacting with your pet will not affect your pet’s statistics.

A. About the Market

The Market is where you can buy items for your pet. You can pay for these items in gold item_gold.  In the game screen, the amount of gold you have can be seen in the topmost portion. To access the Market, tap on the btn_unity_up icon at the bottom right area of the game screen. Then, tap on the btn_market icon.

B. Buying Items in the Market

While in the market screen, you can search for an item you wish to buy by browsing on the item categories/tabs.  To purchase the desired item, tap on manual_btn_buy2.  A popup will then appear to include details of your purchase.  Then, tap on manual_btn_confirmpurchase2 to confirm your purchase. The item that you bought will automatically be added to your inventory.  If you change your mind, however, just tap btn_close_green on the confirm popup anytime.

A. Items in the Inventory

You can access your pet's inventory by tapping on the btn_unity_up icon at the bottom right area of the game screen. Then, tap on the btn_inventory  icon. The Inventory contains all the items you own. Items can be obtained by winning them in quests or by buying them in the market. Your items are stored in the Inventory shelf in stacks wherein the number on the lower right portion of an item signifies its quantity. A stack can hold an unlimited number of items.

B. Using Items in the Inventory

While in the inventory screen, tap on the item you want to use. A popup will then appear. This popup shows information on how your chosen item will affect your pet's statistics when used. The popup also gives you a choice on whether to use or delete the item. Tap btn_unity_down on this popup if you neither want to use nor delete the item. If you wish to proceed, tap on manual_btn_use_down. After exiting the inventory screen, the chosen item will appear in the middle of the home game screen. Drag the item to your pet to use it.

C. Deleting Items in the Inventory

While in the inventory screen, tap on the item you want to delete. A popup will then appear. Tap on manual_btn_delete_down to delete the item. A confirmation popup will then appear to remind you if you really want to delete the item. Tap on manual_btn_delete_down or manual_btn_cancel_down-hd depending on how you choose to proceed.

Remember: Deleting a certain item means deleting all the items stored in its stack.

A. About Quests

Completing quests is an integral part of the game. This is where your adventure unfolds. Each quest has its specific goals. Upon completing a quest, reward items will be given. Some of these items are needed to successfully complete other quests. To access the quest log, tap on the btn_unity_up icon at the bottom right area of the game screen. Then, tap on the btn_questlog icon.

B. Viewing Quest Information

In the quest log screen, tap on the type of quest that you wish to go through. A page will show you pertinent details about the quest such as the quest description, requirements to complete the quest, and the item rewards to be given once the quest is completed.  If you’re ready to take on the quest, tap manual_btn_lets_do_this.  This will redirect you to the home game screen.

C. Completing a Quest

Once you have completed all the requirements of a quest, a popup screen will appear declaring that you have indeed completed the quest. It will also show you the items that you have won. These items will be automatically added to your inventory. Tap manual_btn_woot to close this popup.

D. Quest Types

There are three types of Tamagomon quests: 1) Daily Quests, 2) Story Quests, and 3) The Daily Grind. Daily quests are quests that you can do everyday. These quests reset at 12:01 am. Try to complete daily quests as much as you can in order to acquire coins and items faster. Story quests, on the other hand, are quests that can only be completed once. Once you are finished with a certain story quest, move on to the next story quest to continue with your pet's journey. Rewards in story quests are relatively more valuable than daily quest rewards. The Daily Grind is like a daily quest with a twist. You can accomplish the daily grind once an hour for a maximum of ten repetitions. It also resets at 12:01 am. Like the daily quest, try to take advantage of the daily grind as much as you can in order to acquire coins and items faster.

Tip: Some story quest rewards are needed to accomplish other story quests so use them mindfully.

E. Not Receiving a Quest?

Story quests will present itself automatically depending on the condition of your pet. Sometimes, a quest may appear when your pet seems to be Hungry, Sad, Dirty, Tired, or Sick. It is perfectly okay to maintain high pet statistics all the time but keep this in mind when you suddenly run out of quests to do.

Hint: As you complete story quests, the quest requirements become comparably harder and the rewards bigger. Some of the more advanced story quests arise when your pet reaches a certain age.

A. About the Map

The map will grant you access to the outside world and let you visit different places in the Tamagomon world. To use the map, tap on the btn_unity_up icon at the bottom right area of the game screen. Then, tap on the btn_map  icon.

B. The Shrine

Own more pets by entering the Shrine. You can summon more pets either by Basic Summoning or Rune Summoning provided that you have no active pets on hand.  If you have an active pet, you must freeze them in the Lab first before summoning an additional pet.

    1. Basic Summoning – Select the desired egg to summon a basic pet.
    2. Rune Summoning – You must first collect all the necessary runes to be able to summon a pet.  These runes are acquired as rewards in dungeon battles.  Depending on the set of runes you’ve completed, you’ll be able to summon a Light or a Dark pet.
    3. Mystic Summoning -  COMING SOON!

C. The Alchemy Hut

The Alchemy Hut lets you transform battle accessories that you own through transmutation.  These battle items are acquired as rewards in dungeon battles.  You can repair damaged items in here as well.


There are 3 categories of items related to transmutation – Battle Accessories, Catalysts, and Crystals.  All of these items can be acquired in Dungeon Battles as loot. Battle Accessories are items that give battle stat bonuses to the your pet when worn.  Battle Accessories can be Earrings item_earrings_normal, Armlets item_armlet_normal, or Rings item_ring_normal.  You can only transmute 1 battle accessory at a time.  It is automatically placed at the center of the transmutation symbol. Catalysts are the determining factor in which type of battle stat bonus is assigned to the accessory when transmutation is successful.  There are 4 kinds of catalysts – HP item_catalyst_green, Fire item_catalyst_red, Terra item_catalyst_brown, and Water item_catalyst_blue.  The HP catalyst gives bonus to Health.  The Fire catalyst gives bonus to Attack.  The Terra catalyst gives bonus to Defense.  The Water catalyst gives bonus to Dexterity.  Catalysts are automatically placed at the top of the transmutation symbol. Crystals item_catalyst_clear, on the other hand, increase the chance of success of the transmutation process.  Crystals may or may not be added to the transmutation process.  The base success rate (no crystals) of a transmutation is 20%. Crystals are placed on the 4 remaining slots.  Each crystal adds 5% to the success rate. When you are ready to transmute your chosen accessory, simply tap on the manual_btn_general_up_transmute button. Once you’ve successfully transmuted a normal accessory to an elemental accessory, you’ll then have to use a Wizard Stone item_philosophersstone instead of a Catalyst to upgrade the accessory further.


Sometimes, accessories break in the heat of battle.  Accessories also break if Transmutation on it failed.  Note that broken accessories can’t be equipped in your next dungeon battles until they are repaired.  To repair a broken accessory, just go to the Construction Section of the Alchemy Hut, choose a broken accessory you wish to repair, and then tap on the btn_general_up_repair button.

D. The Lab

The Lab is where you can Freeze, Fuse, or Delete pets that you currently own.

    1. manual_btn_lab_blue_freeze – use this feature if you want to use or summon another pet and “store” your other pet.  When you store a pet in the Lab, it will automatically be frozen.  Frozen pets do not age.
    2. manual_btn_lab_blue_release – use this feature to unfreeze your pet.  When using this feature, you should not have an active pet on hand.
    3. manual_btn_lab_blue_release_fusion - use this feature to combine 2 pets into one.  The resulting pet will be a Level 5 pet with greater starting stat points.  The number of available starting stat points of the resulting pet will depend on the levels of the two combined pets.
    4. manual_btn_lab_blue_release_delete – you can delete frozen pets by using this feature.

E. Going Back Home

To go back home, just tap on the back button btn_back located at the upper left portion of the map screen. You will then be transferred back to the game screen.

This is where your pet’s journey as a warrior unfolds.  Pit your pet against evil monsters and win!  As your pet becomes stronger and stronger as it gains more experience.  With perseverance and hardwork, the time will come when your pet fulfills its ultimate destiny – To become the Warrior of the Light! You will need to use the Map btn_map in order to access the different types of dungeon battles.

A. Daily Dungeon

Go to the Howl Cave to enter the Daily Dungeon.  The Daily Dungeon has 5 levels and for each level there are 5 monsters for you to deal with.  At the end of these levels are checkpoints or save points.  In case you fail to complete a certain level, you will be redirected to the last checkpoint that you've reached when you re-enter the Daily Dungeon on the same day. Regardless of the level reached, the Daily Dungeon refreshes the following day. Try to defeat all the monsters in this dungeon everyday to gain valuable experience and win great rewards!

B. Tower of Trials

The Tower of Trials is a level restricted dungeon.  This means that you will face monsters with the same level as the stage selected.  For every stage, you will fight 5 monsters – 3 normal monsters, a mini boss, and finally, a boss.  To illustrate,

On the Level 5 stage, you will face:

      • 3 normal monsters (Level 5)
      • 1 mini boss monster (Level 5)
      • 1 boss monster (Level 5)

The next stage will be unlocked once the previous stage is completed.  Unlike the Daily Dungeon that employs a checkpoint, you can go back and tackle any stage in the Tower of Trials just as long as you’ve already unlocked them.

C. Boss Dungeon (Plagueland)

Perhaps the most difficult of all dungeons, the Boss Dungeon is always accessible until the chosen boss is defeated. Don’t worry if you’re unsuccessful in the first try. Once you enter the Boss Dungeon, you are given 7 days to try and completely defeat the enemy boss.  If you do not defeat the boss by then, then you will fail to complete the dungeon and miss the opportunity to get a bountiful loot so be persistent.


A. Battle Stats

There are four battle stats that you can upgrade as your pet levels up.  These battle stats directly affect your pet’s performance during dungeon battles so take note of them.

    1. Health Points (HP) – this corresponds to the amount of damage a pet can withstand before it is defeated.  The pet’s current HP value is seen at the bottom of the screen during dungeon battles.
    2. Attack (ATK) – this corresponds to the level of damage the pet can inflict on the enemy.
    3. Defense (DEF) – this corresponds to the ability of the pet to protect itself against attacks.  The damage dealt to the pet will be lower than normal if the pet’s DEF is high.
    4. Dexterity (DEX) – this corresponds to the ability of the pet to successfully hit opponents.  It is also a measure of the pet’s ability to dodge or evade attacks.

Note: Your pet cannot engage in battle if it has low health and/or has insufficient stamina.

B. Upgrading Battle Stats

You can upgrade your pet’s battle stats by accessing the “Battle” tab in the btn_stat panel. Initially, you will have 20 stat points.  As you engage in battle, your pet will gain 5 points everytime you level up. You can allocate your available stat points by tapping on the btn_stats_arrow button of the battle stat that you’ve chosen to upgrade.  When you’re already decided on your upgrades, hit the manual_btn_apply1 button. If ever you want to re-distribute your pet’s battle stats, just hit the manual_btn_reset1 button.

C. Upgrading Skills

You can upgrade your pet’s skill points by accessing the “Skill” tab in the btn_stat panel.  Tap on the btn_stats_arrow button of the particular skill you want to upgrade.  This will increase the maximum quantity of the chosen skill. Higher skill levels are unlocked as your pet evolves.  Skill 2 is unlocked when your pet evolves to teen.  Skill 3 is unlocked when your pet evolves to adult.

D. Attacking the Enemy

There are 2 ways to attack the enemy.  You can inflict damage either through Normal Attacks or by using Special Skills. Normal attacks can be performed by tapping on the manual_btn_atk_up1 icon during dungeon battles while Special Skills can be used by tapping on the manual_btn_skill_up1 icon.  Both of them have three levels of attack. Attack damage increases proportionally to the level of attack chosen.  However, the chance of hitting the opponent decreases as the level of attack increases.  For example, the “Level 1 attack” has the lowest damage but has the highest chance of hitting the enemy. Normal Attacks can be performed for an unlimited number of times.  Special Attacks, on the other hand, can only be used based on what you currently have.  Special Attack counters are refreshed daily. To increase the quantity of your Special Attacks, access the “Skill” tab in the btn_stat panel then tap on the btn_stats_arrow button. The availability of higher levels of special attacks will depend on the pet’s stage of evolution.  The Level 2 Special Attack will be unlocked when your pet becomes a teen.  Similarly, the Level 3 Special Attack will be unlocked once your pet becomes an adult.

E. Levelling Up

Win at dungeon battles in order for your pet to gain experience.  Your pet’s current EXP meter is seen at the bottom of the screen during dungeon battles.  Your pet will gain +1 level and (as mentioned earlier) 5 battle stat points whenever the EXP meter is filled.

F. Using Battle Accessories

As mentioned earlier, battle accessories are acquired as loot in dungeon battles.  To use them, just tap on the btn_add_orange button under “Accessories” on the dungeon pre-battle window.  If you have more than one variation of the same accessory (i.e you have 3 bracelets – 1 normal armlet, 1 HP armlet, and 1 fire armlet), just repeatedly tap the btn_add_orange button until you see the accessory that you want to use.

A. Daily Log-in Bonus

You will receive bonus coins if you check on your pet daily. 200item_gold will be given on your initial log-in day.  This value increases as you play the game for consecutive days.  The bonus value will reset to 200item_gold if you break your daily log-in streak. Tip: Be sure to take advantage of this feature.  It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you take care of your pet plus you get those valuable gold coins easily.

B. Referral Bonus  (for Android users only)

You can get tons of gold coins when you invite a friend to play Tamagomon. You will get 5,000item_gold for the 1st person that will be zapped into the wonderful world of Tamagomon through your referral.

When you input a friend’s code, you get item_gold rewards as well.  You can earn as much as 20,000item_gold by just inviting friends.  You read that right – 20,000item_gold!

How it works:

    1. Tap on the manual_btn_giftcode2 located at the bottom part of the game’s main menu screen.This will take you to the Gift Code Screen. Then, tap on manual_btn_fbshare2 to see your unique referral id.
    2. Tell your friends to input your referral code in the Gift Code screen.  Make sure that you are both connected to the internet.
    3. You can also do the same with your friend’s code and input it in your device.
    4. On your part, you can only enter one referral code.

Share your referral id thru Facebook by tapping on the btn_share in your referral id screen.

Tip: Invite more friends and you’ll be ridiculously rich in no time!

To view your game center achievements, tap on the game center icon btn_main_gamecenter located at the upper right hand portion of the main menu screen.  Here, you can view your progress on every achievement.  A total of 59 achievements can be accomplished.

To view your achievements on Google Play Game Services, tap on the icon btn_gms-hd located at the upper right hand portion of the main menu screen. Here, you can view your progress on every achievement. A total of 59 achievements can be accomplished.

Use the game’s cloud saving feature and never have to worry about losing your game progress ever again!  Before using this feature, be sure that you are connected to the internet and are signed in to Game Center (if you’re an iOS user) or Google Play (if you’re an Android user).  Tap the btn_main_gamecenter or btn_gms-hd icon in the main menu to check if you’re signed in or not.

To save your game progress via cloud, tap on the cloud btn_cloud icon first (located at the upper right hand portion of the main menu screen) then tap on the btn_cloudsave_save button when the Cloud popup appears.  You may also opt to auto-save your game by toggling the feature on/off.

If you’re somehow not happy with the way your game has progressed, you can revert to a previously saved game by loading it via cloud.  To load a previously saved game, tap on the cloud btn_cloud icon then tap on the manual_btn_cloudsave_load button.

A. Adjusting Game Sounds

You can adjust the game sounds by tapping on the btn_options egg in the game's main menu. The sounds screen will then appear. From here, you can adjust the game sounds to your liking. BGM stands for background music and is the music you hear while playing the game. SFX stands for sound effects. These are the variety of sounds you hear when you do certain actions in the game.

B. Localization

By default, the game is played using the English language. To translate the game to a different language, simply tap on the flag icon and choose a flag that corresponds to the local language you want to use.

C. Resetting the Game

To reset the game, just tap on the reset button under GAME RESET.

Warning: Resetting the game will delete all data including game progress.

D. Restoring Purchases

To restore all in-app purchases, simply tap on the restore button under RESTORE PURCHASES.


We are Payazoo Studios- a small, independent startup company composed of young, bright, and talented IT professionals. We dedicate ourselves to creating applications for iOS and Android.

Company: Payazoo Studios
Address: King's Court Building 2., Makati, Metro Manila

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